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Our Vision

Our Successful  team are experienced  and highly educated Professional maintains close contact with hundreds of shipowners, charterers and shipbrokers around the world and provide our clients with accurate and up – to date information that enables them to make critical market decisions.

Our Mission

We are giving best and reliable chartering service to our customers with the connected exclusive clients’ Furthermore we offer charterers the service of covering their tonnage requirements for all types of break/bulk and containerized dry cargoes in all sizes worldwide either on contract basis, single voyage basis, voyage charter or time charter for shorter or longer periods as the case may be.As a representative of a ship’s owner we are in constant communication with many owners, operators and agencies worldwide.

We are connected with a variety of vessel from general cargo, river types, barges, tween deck, heavy lift vessel, handy to handy max vessel. Finding a suitable vessel or looking for a cargo for a particular vessel is always our daily work.

Quality Policy

It is the company’s policy to promote the continuing establishment of healthy, safe and environmentally responsible working conditions, to use natural resources rationally, to reduce negative impact to the environment, to utilize the wastes, whilst strictly complying with applicable statutory and international legislation.

For fulfilling this policy company undertakes to continually maintain the procedure of identification and assessment of environmental aspects in its activities, to constantly monitor its aspects, to establish respective objectives and targets, to carry out necessary actions, to monitor the efficiency of these actions and based on the results of this analysis to carry out correction of objectives and targets.


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  • Agents
  • Port Disbursement
  • Berthing Arrangements
  • Cargoes


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Email  : gogo@ocmis.es

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